IMG_0728_EDIT_CIRCLEHi! My name is Tori!

I’m 24 years old, I’m half Dominican, and I’m from Paterson, New Jersey. I however currently call Charlottesville, Virginia my home! I have a cat named Fiyero, and I am married to my wonderful husband, Davey. We only recently got married (May 2017) and are still getting used to it!  I LOVE wine, food, friends and the color periwinkle. I am obsessed with Target, candles, and I take way too many pictures of my cat. Did I also mention that I am a huge goofball? Well, I am.

I have a passion for living my life without reservations. Living my life with no filter, to me means always being myself (no matter who stares), and never compromising my values. It’s something I have learned takes courage. This blog is all about sharing the unfiltered moments in life and the struggles and burdens as well. I cannot wait to share life’s ups and downs with you all!

Thanks for coming with me on this little adventure!



My husband, Davey! #swoon



I give you, Fiyero the Wondercat!